Best actitvities in Autumn of Vietnam

When mentioning to the best activities in Autumn of Vietnam, all people might have an idea of enjoying Hanoi Autumn atmosphere, Hanoi Autumn is an integral part of Vietnam people who used to live in Hanoi. This must be a place that we need to go but besides that, Sapa and Halong Bay are also ideal destinations in this Autumn

Autumn in Hanoi

  1. Hanoi

Hanoi has promptly put on her a glamorous gown. Hanoian’s pace life is very calm and relaxed, it doesn’t like Saigonese’s pace life – hustle and bustle. When travelers come to Hanoi in the autumns, it takes easily for them to wander around ancient streets, to let their soul fly away with the breeze and to luxuriate in the warm sunshine. All troubles seem to disappear.

I have sometimes come to Hanoi on the balmy autumn day, and tiny indescribable emotions are always in my mind. Perhaps no place on this S-shaped land you can feel the autumn beauty gentle and so deep as Hanoi autumn. Space is outlined by the blue color of the sky, sunshine, golden leaves, and the pristine white of “Ao Dai” dress flying on a windy afternoon.

Autumn in Sapa

        2. Sapa 

Sapa Autumn has the magnificent beauty of yellow rice terraces in the ripen rice season. Being voted as one of 7 most beautiful and magnificent terraced fields in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Sapa Autumn has the exceptional beauty with the yellow of ripen rice covering all of its villages including Trung Chai, Sa Pa, Ta Phin, Lao Chai, and Ta Van.

There is nothing more poetic and romantic than traveling on winding roads with the fragrance of local flowers and enjoying vast and yellow rice fields in cool breezes. Words are never enough to imagine. Let read here for more interesting information.

Autumn in Halong Bay

      3. Halong Bay
Halong Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Autumn is the most beautiful time in the Bay. This is an ideal place for tourists to visit and go sightseeing in beautiful sceneries, cool climate, and emerald beaches.

Autumn here creates visitors a sense very close to nature. The brilliant sunshine mixed with cool breezes from the ocean bringing tourists the feeling of total relaxation and refreshment in every breath. The seascapes in Halong Bay look like a paradise with small stones, white sand beaches, floating houses, small boats of fishermen on the crystal water.

With the cool climate of autumn, tourists can discover Cai Beo floating market or Cat Ba Island by rowing boats. Besides, tourists can also enjoy kayaking to explore Halong Bay with hundreds of small and big islands and stopping on a white sand beach to take a stroll. It is a wonderful moment when swimming in emerald beaches or sunbathing on the sand in the romantic sceneries of nature to hear birds singing and the sound of waves lapping to the shore.