Stormy season in Vietnam

Stormy season in Vietnam differs from the areas, from the North to the South and its time’s also unpredicted.

The stormy season in Hanoi and other Northern provinces doesn’t have the same traits in the South, it doesn’t last many months, just alternates between periods of sunny and hot weather (in the summer). In July and August, it easily has rain lasting several days or a week. And alternating are tropical storms hit on the coast. Typhoon season in the North usually falls in the summertime, so the weather is bad. You need to prepare and know the best time to travel Sapa too.

storm in Vietnam

The Central is the area usually occurs typhoon in Vietnam. Vietnam typhoon season in the North Central occurs from July to October. The rains last several days on widespread causing big floods. Thua Thien – Hue is one of the provinces with the most rainfall in typhoon season in Vietnam. Because the whole area of the Huong river basin over 80% is mountains, plain areas mostly remain lower than sea level.

Hue Vietnam

The typhoon season in South Vietnam started from May to October. Why? Because in May, the South begins to have winds blowing from the Indian Ocean to carry a lot of moist air so easily cause raining. At this time, the weather is always hot and humid, raining much and easily occur tropical storms due to tropical depressions attracting water vapor to become typhoons.

floating market in south of vietnam

Many people think that it’s sucked to be in these days but each season has its own beauty, if you need help to organize a better journey, you can contact us here.