Cycling One Day Trip to The Cu Chi Tunnels

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Duration 1 Day

Tour route

Leave the bustle of the big city behind, departing from Ho Chi Minh City to the tunnels of Cu Chi.  Start with a visit to these fascinating tunnels and then cycle quiet laneways and dirt paths, weaving in and out of villages and fields, where the local form of transport changes from motorbikes to pedal bikes. The journey covers more than 25kms through the quaint countryside of Southern Vietnam.

Cu Chi TunnelsDeparting at 8am, we drive for roughly an hour as you leave the bustling urban sprawl of Saigon behind you. Once you have reached more peaceful roads it’s time for the cycling adventure to commence. The first 20 kilometers of cycling will take you along paved and dirt country laneways. As you glide through the countryside you will have ample opportunities to soak up the scenic surroundings. Surrounded by beautiful flora and country scenes you will feel a million miles away from the stress of urban life. Arrive at Cu Chi at around 10:30 and begin your exploration of this historical area. Construction of this amazing series of underground passages first began in the late 1940s by the Viet Minh, when fighting the French. However, it was later when the Viet Cong faced the US Army that the tunnels became truly remarkable. This underground world was primarily used as a hiding place for guerrilla fighters. However, over the years the tunnels were expanded to include communication and supply routes, living quarters, food and weapons caches and even hospitals. During your tour of the site you will have the opportunity to enter a reconstructed section of the tunnels and get a taste of what life was like for those who used them.

After lunch, enjoy a 13kilometersride through vast rubber plantations before meeting with your vehicle for the transfer back to Ho Chi Minh City around 5.00pm