Places to go in Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival

Places to go in Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival

Hoi An Mid Autumn Festival

Vietnam is well known for many festivals. Traditionally, the 15th of Lunar August (Mid Autumn Festival or Trung Thu) is the highlight of the festival which is regarded as “Tet Doan Vien” – Family Union holiday. This is Vietnamese children’s favorite festival in Vietnam. Older generations as well look forward to the day to enjoy seeing their descendants having fun under the shining golden moon.
Local and international visitors to the festival will have opportunities to see the massive and colorful traditional lanterns, such as starlight lanterns, animal-shaped lanterns, keo quan lanterns (those with vivid rotating paper-cut figures on the covers) etc.

Joining the event, you can contemplate the most oriental feature, dragon dancing. It is very interesting. Dragon dancers often dance to every household in their village, it is like “treat or trick” in western culture, the dragon dancers will not quit until you give them some lucky money.

Here are some following places which are always well-known for holding the festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hang Ma Street in Hanoi: People in Hang Ma mostly old Tan Khai village to open stores paper and small votive furniture, paper goods to decorate as paper flowers, paper lamp types … votive offerings and ceremonies to worship as God of the soil hats, caps of Kitchen God, gold paper … On Mid-Autumn Festival, under the dark green foliage tree, nearly the whole neighborhood for what became a market for toys for children. Mostly old toys made from colored paper and bamboo, and then the iron. But this is enough time at all.

moon cake with many sizes
Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An: The colorful town lit up by hundreds of thousands of lanterns and floating paper lamps will absolutely amaze you. The stunning magical lights do a great job in wonderfully coloring the streets, houses and even the beautiful Thu Bon river running along the town edge.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City:
Luong Nhu Hoc Lantern Street and Dam Sen themed park: You will experience huge crowds and colors and surround is the colorful lantern stores on both sides of the alley. Beautiful lanterns of all types and shapes are in every single store attracting customers and visitors.

It will be soon that Mid-Autumn Festival is held, if you want to enjoy this season, please follow here to know more choices

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