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How can I get more information?

You can tell us more about your requirement. We can provide you with comprehensive, useful and most update information by fax or email. Our friendly and professional staffs have in depth local knowledge and experience of the trips we offer and can provide helpful advice and practical travel tips. They are pleased to help you or your travel agent selects your holiday. This is one reason why most our passengers join us through personal referrals or have had a great experience with us before.

How fit do I have to be?

Our trips are first and foremost fun, educational and engaging and can be undertaken by anyone in good shape. All our trips are graded, thus helping you to choose a suitable trip. Bear in mind that our tour products have a wide range from easy touring to physically challenges, not to mention adventure trekking, sea kayaking and mountaineering trips. For those who would prefer a less active holiday, or sign up for special interest trip, family vacation please does let us know. We take pride in tailor made holiday and able to come up with interesting program.

When is the best time to travel Vietnam?

The climate in Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere in the south is hottest and most humid in March and April. The dry season runs from November to April and the rainy season from May to October. In the north, the wet season is from May to September; December to March is the driest months.

What the accommodation like?

Hotels range from budget to five-star. While deluxe properties are located only in the major cities, the charm, and quaint local family run accommodations with varying levels of private facilities can be found through out the country. Vietnamtypical Travel constantly stays abreast of hotel developments in order to offer our clients the best available.

How safe is it?

Above all, your well being is of paramount importance on all our trips. Our local staff constantly reviews every aspect of your adventure and our expert guides are fully conversant with the demands of traveling in remote and isolated regions.

What about travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory for any participant. It is advised that all travelers should have travel insurance covered before your departure. This will be really helpful in case of medical emergency evacuation. It is with go safe. The travel insurance will cover against Hospital and Medical expenses, the cover relates to expenses as a consequence of accidents occurring to the bearer during the period of Insurance and/or unforeseen illnesses which arise during that period as well.

Do I need to have some vaccination before the trip?

No vaccinations are officially required by the Vietnamese authorities, however immunization against cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus, polio and Japanese encephalitis is advised. Please consult your doctors for further medical advice. Also plan to bring mosquito repellent. Wearing long-sleeved shirts and slacks from dusk onward and avoiding perfume is also recommended. In addition to an ample supply of any prescription drugs you are taking (and a prescription which can be filled in case your pills go missing) bring medicines for: Headaches, diarrhea, constipation, insect bites, sore throats, eye drops, cuts, etc. Medical standards outside Hanoi and Saigon, Siemreap and Luangprabang are lower that those found in western countries.

What about the food drink ?

We recommend you drink the bottled water or clean your teeth and advise against drinking tap water in Vietnam, Lao and in Cambodia. Normally the bottled water provided on a complimentary basis by most hotels and tour packages and is otherwise inexpensive and readily available.

Can I have vegetarian food and western food there ?

Yes, the vegetarian is widly available in these countries. Vegetables and vegetarian dishes feature prominently in Asian cuisine, though even vegetable dishes may use fish sauce as a base so if you are a strict Vegetarian it’s a good idea to ask about the ingredients used before. Western food is only available in big cities though is generally more expensive than local.

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements or allergies ?

Yes, Generally we can accommodate special dietary requirements and allergies. However you need to give us the detail of your need, even non-seafood dishes may feature shrimp or fish sauce as a base so that we can give to the restaurant staff.

What general food and water precautions should I take?

We advise you to use bottled water, even to clean your teeth. Always wash your hands thoroughly, particularly after handling local money. Ensure meats are thoroughly cooked. It is not necessary to avoid salads and herbs out of hand but remember uncooked foods do carry a greater risk. In general, establishments that cater to Western tourists make their own ice on the premises from bottled water. Elsewhere, ice is made from filtered water that is delivered in blocks from local factories. If in doubt as to the origin of ice, it’s a good idea to ask.

Who is my guide?

Positive feedback from our clients validates our policy of employing local people as guide. Our guides are open-minded, qualified and enthusiastic young people who can accommodate your travel needs and provide you – the traveler, with first-hand knowledge of local history and culture. They are also curious about foreign culture and are keen to engage in cultural exchange with visitors. They are there to make your trip a success.

What is included in my trip?

Pending on specific trip our inclusions may vary from trip to trip, as an indication we include accommodation in clean, friendly located hotels with local character where possible on a double/ twin shared basis with daily breakfast; all transfers & transportation including boat ride, train journey if any; experienced English speaking guide; domestic flights where specified in the itinerary; food as stated in the trip; other specific arrangement for special interest tours.

Are children charged the full room rate?

Rates are normally reduced for children under the age of 12 years.
Are there any hidden cost or extra charges?Good question! Most of our tours include all transport, meals, accommodation and much of arrangement and service you will need in the tour the cost is a little to spend. Read though the inclusion, exclusion portion and you will find more specific about it. Compare our quality, inclusions and daily rates our holidays offer good value for money.

What is the local money called? Can I use credit cards and travelers check?

Vietnamese – Dong
Credit Cards
In Viet Nam credit cards are accepted at most hotels and better restaurants and shops.
Travelers Checks
In Viet Nam traveler’s cheque is accepted in the big cities but when you change it you need to bring along your passport
ATM Machines
In Viet Nam: available in most of the major cities.

How can I make a booking?

Booking can be actually made on line. Once you are interested in the trip, you then can go ahead and sign up the tour by sending us by fax the completed reservation form so that we could process your booking. In case you won’t find any option that matches your expectation or you want to follow your own itinerary, then do not hesitate to fill the customized trip form and forward it to us. We will work it out and tailor your trip to just what you long for.

How can I apply for a visa?

Visitors must obtain visa approval prior to entry. We offer the visa approval service.

More Questions?

Please do contact us and let us know your question or concern, we will get back to as soon as possible!